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4 Great Reasons You’ll Love Our New Website

“I am my own story.” The number one rule of marketing is “It’s not about the company, it’s about the customer.” In this case, the customer is you (the reader) and our youth. Simply put, we think we’ve designed a website that makes it easier for you experience how...

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What You Missed in Austin

On August 26th, the new Changing Voices ensemble at the Austin Career Education Center had their first staged reading after months of writing their personal stories. If you were there, you'd understand why it was one of my favorite experiences as a teaching artist....

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Donor’s Corner

The work of Storycatchers Theatre has gained national attention once again as one of the first recipients of an award from the Art for Justice Fund in November 2017. The Art for Justice Fund, created by Agnes Gund in partnership with the Ford Foundation and...

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A Special Thank You from the Executive Director

I have always believed in the power of stories to transform people. Storycatchers Theatre embodies this belief by providing young people with the tools they need to express themselves, change, and grow; this mission is the reason I joined the organization in July 2016...

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From Bullies To Bonding

Written by Meade Palidofsky, Founder and Artistic Director When I direct rehearsals at Warrenville every fall, I am immersed in the adolescent energy and off-stage drama around me. Overhearing a range of comments - from bursts of encouragement to sharper exchanges - I...

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Learning What It Means to Have REAL POWER

Written by Aimee Stahlberg, Strategy and Process Manager Changing Voices “How can I get me some real power?” That’s the ending line of Storycatchers Theatre's current Changing Voices production. After touring for several months, members of the Changing Voices Ensemble...

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The Past Comes Knocking

I have spent a great deal of time lately thinking about what we have accomplished as a company -- the multitude of young people who have benefited from our storytelling and team-building process during the last 32, now going on 33, years. Where are they now? It is a...

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Monster: Perception & Identity

A dynamic partnership with Steppenwolf Theatre is underway, as Storycatchers Teaching Artists and the Changing Voices Ensemble prepare for the March 2017 tour of  the Steppenwolf for Young Adults (SYA) production of Monster. The play, directed by Hallie Gordon...

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The Revolving Door Evolves

Lamar bounds into the classroom, throwing his arms wide open and grinning ear to ear. “How ya’ll BEEN!!!” Lamar’s excitement  mirrors our own as Storycatchers’ Temporary Lockdown Ensemble at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center begins a new season. A big,...

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Dear Sky…The Big Show

The residents at the Illinois Youth Center (IYC) - Warrenville call Storycatchers Theatre’s fall musical the “Big Show” – and for good reason. The production elements are more elaborate than for the other three performances that occur throughout the year at...

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Maestro Muti Returns to IYC-Chicago

“Maestro Muti is very passionate about making the music of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) available to people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to experience it,” Coordinator of Civic Engagement Programs, James Hall, explains. “We feel strongly that the Chicago...

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