The Art of Simplicity – 40 Accessible Activist Activities

Please use and spread this list with anyone starting to feel like they do not have a voice (but want one) in supporting the current Black Lives Matter movements taking place worldwide. Yep – I said it – WORLDWIDE.

From Amsterdam to Alaska to Australia, the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining support and highlighting the gross inequalities experienced by black people – no matter their social standing. For me, as a black woman in Chicago, I need to remain active just as much as my friend’s white mom in DC or my French exchange student’s family in Cognac.

The staff at Storycatchers Theatre wants to share all the opportunities there are to promote policy reform, share black stories, create a more inclusive community, and beyond. Don’t be shy with your clicking – every phrase in orange is a hyperlink!

With your “all lives matter” friend

To flex your brain muscle

With the kids

When you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket

While adhering to ‘stay at home’ recommendations

To create safe(r) spaces for your black friends, family, and neighbors

At the polls

For the keyboard warrior

One BONUS way to support black youth

Right now, funding is unpredictable yet engagement is more important than ever. Support Storycatchers Theatre’s effort to help young people who are working to manage their trauma and overcome the effects of disinvestment and institutional policies that have led to the inequities we see today.



Or give by texting showgoeson to 44321