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A Note From Cheri

January 15, 2019: Tina’s first session with Storycatchers Theatre at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. She is a 17-year-old with long hair with raspberry-colored streaks. She is quiet, somber. She looks like she hasn’t slept in days. She tells us that inside she is feeling “sad and anxious.” We ask her to set a […]

The Lives You May Not Know

On a cold January evening, about fifty people and two Storycatcher’s teaching artists converged in the middle of Chicago’s American Writer’s Museum on Michigan Avenue. Audience members and experts had a conversation on the impact of performing arts programming in prisons.  

4 Great Reasons You’ll Love Our New Website

“I am my own story.” The number one rule of marketing is “It’s not about the company, it’s about the customer.” In this case, the customer is you (the reader) and our youth. Simply put, we think we’ve designed a website that makes it easier for you experience how determined, passionate, and eager our young […]

What You Missed in Austin

On August 26th, the new Changing Voices ensemble at the Austin Career Education Center had their first staged reading after months of writing their personal stories. If you were there, you’d understand why it was one of my favorite experiences as a teaching artist. The auditorium on a normal day is a large, wood paneled room, with blue chairs, a small […]