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Storycatchers is the youth.

They are determined, passionate and eager to find a path to success. After hearing their powerful stories and seeing them achieve things they never thought possible, this is irrefutable.

Unfortunately, federal law prevents us from identifying minors in public. They may be anonymous, but they are real people. They are surviving as best they can like anyone else. They have dreams like anyone else. It’s the media, the cynics, the uninformed that have taken their identity away. They tell their stories to take it back.

Storycatchers is our staff.

It takes a specialized, dedicated team to help highly-traumatized youth to step onstage and tell their stories. Our staff are professional artists and administrators who take part in monthly trainings to keep up with trauma research, cultural issues, advances in art-expression therapy and creative initiatives with key partners.

These are people are unique. They are smart, passionate and driven to help young people succeed.

Staff Bios.

Rachel Hauben Combs

Interim Executive Director/Director of Development

Lee Peters

Director of Arts Education Programs

Cydney Patrice Cleveland

Special Events and Fundraising Manager

Elizia Artis

Communications and Outreach Manager

Ian Jones

Grants Administrator

Sarah Haley

Operations Coordinator

Cristina Williams

Program Manager – Changing Voices

Talia Gold

Artistic Manager – Word Warriors
Music Director/Composer

Dana Anderson

Program Manager  – Temporary LockDown

Justice Ford

Program Manager – Word Warriors

Mbali Guliwe

Program Manager – Firewriters

Tanji Harper

Artistic Manager – Temporary LockDown & Firewriters

Daniel Stribling 

Case Manager – Changing Voices

Liz Grear

Lead Teaching Artist – Changing Voices

Maurice Carr

Teaching Artist – Changing Voices

Brittany Edwards

Music Director/Composer

Shawn Wallace

Music Director/Composer

Falisa Byers, LSW

Therapist – Changing Voices
We would like to recognize Meade Palidofsky, who founded Storycatchers Theatre in 1984 with an unrelenting drive to use art to make real change. Her award-winning methodology and generous spirit still guide us in empowering young people to envision successful futures.
Learn more about her on our Founder’s page. 

Our Mission

Storycatchers Theatre guides young people to transform their traumatic experiences into powerful musical theatre, developing the courage and vision to become leaders and mentors. By creating support for youth within the criminal justice system, Storycatchers prepares them to change their lives and emerge successfully from court involvement.