This week’s story is about “the bag” and the vital importance of its contents.

Eddy’s “bag” is the backpack he takes to Storycatcherspost-release employment program. He’s repurposing one from high school, so he’s scribbled over a few memories in sharpie and added a free button from a job fair to offset the markings.

His bag includes: 

  • Frozen-themed Valentine’s card from his daughter 
  • House keys 
  • Sour candies and a protein bar 
  • Headphones 
  • His trusty notebook with a new song he’s been working on 
  • And dang…forgot a pen again…

Simple and full of love, necessities, and possibilities. It’s so simple that we’re going to recreate it with your help. 

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We’ve got a mission.

…to fill these bags with resources Storycatchers youth need to explore. Survive. Succeed. To make anything possible. 

If you’ve ever considered giving to Storycatchers Theatre, now is a great time to start, because all first-time gifts will be matched. Every dollar helps provide what Storycatchers youth need during their time with us.

Join us in contributing to a more effective justice system, more safety, and more stability in our communities. Welcome to the team. And thank you.

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