Goodbye STE

The Ensemble takes their bow on the day of their final performance.

After 19 successful years, Storycatchers says a fond farewell to the Teens Together Playwriting and Summer Touring Ensemble programs with the company’s decision to focus its programming on court-involved youth. For the program’s final summer, fifteen teens came together from all over Chicago to tour their original musical One Big Crazy Family to children and adolescents at park districts and other venues across the city. Their drive and enthusiasm inspired all who experienced the production.

Take a look at what the 2016 Teens Together Summer Touring Ensemble was up to this summer, and see the group that made it possible.

The 2016 Summer Touring Ensemble developed a post-show discussion centering on the impact of each character’s choice, with the audience suggesting different ways to deal with the difficult situations dramatized in the play. One of the most common realizations from audience members was that it is better to talk things out, rather than act on impulse. By the conclusion of the tour, the Ensemble felt their influence on the community, and concluded their season had indeed touched hundreds of lives.

“I learned I’m a very positive person, and others taught me that I’m a good person at heart.” – Melvin B. (2016 Ensemble Member)

Photos of the 2016 Summer Touring Ensemble