2019 is off to an energetic start for Changing Voices! Our youth returned from a two week break focused and ready to work. During their time off, they wrote letters and stories about their loved ones and hopes for the new year.

Enjoy their words.

From Damaun L.

This a letter to my beautiful daughter
I want the best for you
I promise as long as daddy around you don’t need another man to make you smile
I’m gonna be here for a long time
As a father I want the best for my daughter
Keep you spoiled
Self employ you
Run that bag up till I retire
You came at the perfect time
I seen the look in yo eyes
I can tell you mines
This feeling is amazing
You growing on a daily
Dear Damirah
Daddy can’t even lie you surprised us
We took one test wasn’t no denial
She showed me and that was fuel to my fire
Thinking I done it again
November 12, 2018 you made it in
You my twin everybody can tell we kin
You mine and the feeling is amazing

From Bianca W.

Christmas will never be the same for me. I really wasn’t feeling it. But I did not let my feelings get in the way of me having a baby, so I put my feelings aside for her, I enjoyed every single moment with her. I watched her open all her gifts, I watched her eat on all her gifts. (LOL). I even watched her eat her first real plate of food. It was so amazing. I love my sexy ma-ma baby. She made this Christmas so special.

From Eligah

Fortnite. So I took a picture of me playing the game. This was basically all I did over break. I barely went out but I had took my girl out to eat, then we went to her people’s house.

But the game keeps me outta trouble and it helps me keep my mind off things. If I’m having a bad day or just don’t wanna be bothered by anybody, I’ll play the game for hours so that way when I get off the game my mind is not focused on the negative anymore. I end up in whole other spirit (mood). Also it’s just something to do like if I’m bored I’ll rather play the game then go outside and post up in the block.

From La’Keisha B.

They Called The Wind Makyah

My holidays are normally spent with my paternal grandparents. Which is a tradition I will love and honor for as long as I live. As I’ve gotten older, life has proven to be challenging at a times. So much so to the point that sometimes we as people tend to lose touch.

This is my best friend that I’ve known since the 5th grade. I haven’t seen her since October but over break she came to my house for New Years Eve. Not only did we enjoy ourselves as we brought in the new year, we also had one of those good ole 4:00 am conversations about life and all that is going on. I’m glad we had that conversation because so much has changed in each of our lives and we haven’t been communicating that much due to the fact that we were both overwhelmed.

I think at this point in our friendships it has become abundantly clear that no matter what trials we face, we are always one call away from each other. We got so caught up in our situations that we forgot we had a bonus sister we could lean on; and it is my personal belief that that is one of the purest forms of sisterhood and love. I’m very thankful for my best friend and our New holiday tradition of spending nye weekend together to set goals for the year ahead, have dinner and bond.

From Jessica G.

The first time I saw y’all I felt such love inside. Two beautiful baby girls that always cried. You guys are the air I breathe. You guys are a tear in each eye that falls every second we are apart. I treat and care for you guys like y’all my own. Hangin’ out with me everyday and never want to go home. I split everything in half just to make it fair. I even gave you both a piece of my heart to show how much I care. I might not always be there physically, but know I’m only a phone call away. If you callin, I’m coming, no questions and no time to play.

Love, Your Aunt Jessica