2021 Virtual Gala – FAQ

Where is the link for the virtual gala?

Please use this link for the virtual gala on Friday, March 5 and Saturday March 6 starting at 6 PM CST. 


Why am I not seeing the gala playing when I click the link?

It depends on when you go to the website. If you’re on the page any time before 5:45 PM Central on Friday the 5th or Saturday the 6th, you’ll be interacting with our registration/donation page.  


It’s 6 PM on March 5th and I’m still not seeing the gala. What do I do?

Please check the following: 

  • Is your browser blocking any content from YouTube? We stream the gala from YouTube directly to the gala website and if your device or office internet security can’t show YouTube, you will need a different device or watch it from an internet connection where Youtube is not blocked. 
  • Were you invited to watch the gala with a friend from our Board of Directors? We encourage you to directly contact them to make sure their ‘watch party’ is properly set-up. 

If these solutions don’t work, please contact us at the Storycatchers hotline – 312-280-4772.  


It’s Saturday morning, March 6th, can I still donate or participate in the raffle?

Of course! Here’s the link for donating and the link for a raffle purchase.

We will email raffle winners on Sunday, March 7th. 


Will my face be on screen or recorded?

No audience faces will be shown or recorded for this event. You’ll be watching a carefully curated collection of songs and stories without any obligation to be camera-ready. 


Are all donations and raffle purchases tax-deductible?

Donations to Storycatchers are always tax-deductible. However, per the IRS, raffle purchase are not.

Still, either form of gift is equally valuable to us.


What is the difference between Night 1 and Night 2?

Night 1 will include a series of songs and testimonies about how Storycatchers programming is transforming individual youth and juvenile justice system.  

Night 2 is all about transformation within the communities we serve and the communities the young people in programming come from. Each night we will be joined by special guests like This American Life’s Ira Glass and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.