Tazrae Song’ony

Teaching Artist

Tazrae Jemeli is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and herbalist having 9 years of professional, artistic, and communal experience in navigating this country’s justice system and crafting tools of preservation for their communities’ livelihood. Having developed their professional roots in Minneapolis/St. Paul with various Theatre and Arts education organizations such as Penumbra Theatre, Climb Theater, Pangea World Theater, and Pillsbury House and Theatre, they are excited to grow as a teaching artist as well as interpersonally with the newfound community in Chicago in providing avenues of abolition for youth impacted by these systems. Having graduated with a BA in Musical Theatre and a BA in Reconciliation studies, Tazrae hopes to utilize their experience in utilizing art as an anchor for our collective healing for our bodies, this land, the stories and creations we exude.

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