Tamara Drew

Interim Program Manager – Firewriters

I grew up in Northeast Indiana as a biracial girl in a white situation. Early in my life I discovered theatre, and my passion for performing afforded me an identity that was not steeped in other-ism and social deficit.

For me, theatre has served as a conduit for an expanded sociological view of our culture and a powerful tool for personal identity development. In 2009 I co-founded Studio BE: Youth Revolution, a non-profit youth performance program, to fulfill my personal mission of informing the lives and perspectives of young people through this powerful tool of telling and experiencing stories.

The lives, backgrounds, experiences, and identities of performers matters. Where we’ve been determines our path to where we want to be. Where we sit determines the lens through which we view the world and ourselves. I am thrilled to be part of the Storycatchers team, facilitating reflection on the foundation of the past on which to lay the blueprints for the architecture of the future.


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