Priya Shah

Executive Director

Prior to joining Storycatchers, I spent over 16 years in various functions of business development and administration at Deloitte Consulting and Allstate Insurance Corporation.

The first time I saw a Storycatchers show, long before I joined the company as Executive Director, I had to pull over on my drive home.  It struck me that the characters I’d just watched struggle, joke, and triumph on stage were not just characters—they were based on real people with real stories.

These powerful stories are playing out every single day.  They are usually not on stages, but in homes and on the streets.  The real drama is happening behind the scenes… and until Storycatchers, I hadn’t known.

I became Executive Director because I wanted to lead this organization that provides promising young people everything they need to achieve their goals—to go above and beyond what they thought was possible.

As a company, we have gone above and beyond what we thought was possible, too.

We have grown our impact, supporting youth in Chicago communities to develop the courage and vision to become leaders and mentors.  We continue to forge critical relationships with key social impact groups and institutions including the Chicago Police Department, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice and Cook County Jail, as well as workforce organizations like Skills for Chicagoland’s Future and Cook County Workforce Solutions.

It’s my role as Executive Director to build and strengthen these strong collaborations to create a much-needed support structure for young people whose lives have been affected by the juvenile justice system.  I will continue to lead Storycatchers with the promise that not only can we create moving works of art—we can give these young people the re-entry support they deserve.

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