Behind the Scenes

Temporary Lockdown

As you may have heard, after a very successful experience with classroom inclusion work at the Nancy B. Jefferson school within the Detention Center, we had the rug pulled out from under us when our daytime rehearsals were canceled for the last two weeks before our performance. There was construction in the school area of the facility, compounded by the usual short circuits in the communication chain.
Still, our participants managed to pull off a moving show with only 90 minutes of rehearsal. They literally saw the script for the first time and received their roles at 10 AM, had a quick rehearsal until 11:30, ate their lunches and changed into their T shirts and did a show at 12:30 PM.
For this whole cycle, we did not have a strong sense of ensemble in each of the three classes we worked with, and we had never put the three groups together before Friday morning. The true greatness that is in the kids rose above the challenging circumstances. They made an ensemble, performed full out, and spoke movingly in the post-show discussion. Our hats are off to them. Even professional actors would be thrown by such a disjointed process. But there was such willingness to create and collaborate together.
Shout-out to Diana and Carla who put the show on its feet in mere moments!