Staff and Board Resources for Sharing

The media detailed below was selected based on the following criteria:

  • It’s compelling for people that are not be very familiar with Storycatchers.
  • It can be shared and viewed easily without a lot of technology.
  • It’s of “professional” quality. e.g. not blurry, hard to hear, or otherwise too “raw.” 

Click the links provided to be directed to videos on our Youtube, audio on Soundcloud, or download files that are small enough you can attach to an email. You can also find much more on our Media page. Thank you for sharing our youths’ stories and our staff’s hard work!


Video files are too large to share across email. For this reason, all videos are placed on our Youtube page and sharing through links to the video.



An introduction to the Changing Voices Ensemble.

This video was filmed in 2017 by a video production company called “Scrappers,” but is still relevant and accurate. It’s our highest quality piece of media that summarizes the program.

Link to Copy and Paste for sharing:


About our ongoing empathy workshops with Chicago Police Department recruits.

This is a piece created by WTTW Channel 11 – Chicago. We’ve found that people new to Storycatchers respond very positively to our CPD program as police reform efforts is a topic of which most people have some interest or knowledge.

Link to Copy and Paste for sharing:


Ira Glass bragging about Storycatchers.

Filmed at the Santa Fe Art Institute where we presented at an “Art of Change” conference. It’s a long, 5-minute edit from a much longer speech, but it’s compelling in a way that only Ira can be. It’s a piece that, if you can get them to watch the whole thing, should impress your friends.

Link to Copy and Paste for sharing:


You can download and email these audio clips by clicking the “download” link, or you can share the URL that leads to the track in a SoundCloud website.

  1. If you download a sound file and email it, the person on the other end of your email will have to save the file and play it in audio software such as iTunes. They will then “own” a copy of the song.
  2. For people that are less tech savvy (or have less time), simply share the SoundCloud link. When they click on it, it will automatically begin playing in their browser without needing to download it.



“Leaving Zacatecas”

This is a song written in 2019 by the Firewriters Ensemble at IYC-Chicago. It’s an interesting piece for a number of reasons: 1) It’s created from a beautiful true story of from one of our youth, like many of our songs, the lyrics are extremely moving, and it’s a reminder that our work serves youth from the hispanic community as well. It will be a featured track in a Live Online Album Launch Party that will happen sometime in the summer.

Link to Copy and Paste for sharing:




“The CV Anthem”

This is the first song each Changing Voices cohort learns after they join the program. It’s sung at almost every community performance and showcases the energy and aspiration of our young people.

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