Kimea Lawrence

Teaching Artist

Kimea Lawrence (they/she) is a Black non-binary queer artist and student of abolition born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.  Before coming to Chicago to complete their master’s degree in Women’s and Gender studies, they lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they completed their bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

After experiencing the degrading environment of school systems committed to upholding white supremacy, they are now deeply invested in the intersection of art and liberation. They aim to create art programs for Black youth (especially those with other and multiple marginalizing identities) that encourage young creators to resist white supremacy and perfectionism in their work. They also aim to encourage people to use art for community building and abolitionist praxis. 

Kimea models their youth teaching pedagogy after that of bell hooks in her book Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. Like hooks, Kimea believes that teachers must see students as people with valid emotions who deserve autonomy.

In 2020 Kimea started an educational TikTok platform, where they teach people worldwide about Black feminism, digital Blackface, queerness as a politic, and abolition.

Kimea is also a local Chicago dancer!! In their free time, they enjoy performing, making wild memories with their chosen family, watching reality tv & and creating any and all forms of art.  They are very excited to work with Storycatchers Theatre as a Teaching Artist to continue executing their extraordinary mission.

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