John Armstrong

Director of Operations

I was once a union stage manager and managed crews throughout the US and Canada on over 75 professional productions. What I learned: Herding cats can put a roof over your head.

I then moved to St. Louis where I managed theatre operations for a large school district while managing HotCity Theatre – a tight troupe of artists dedicating to supporting new plays and producing old ones that made people feel something about something important. What I learned: Don’t underestimate St. Louis and the strength that comes out of struggle.

Finally, I landed in Chicago. I finally had my weekends back working as an account director for a couple marketing agencies. What I learned: The skill of herding clients will keep bearing fruit.

Now I’m back in theatre at Storycatchers. A little older, a little wiser and convinced that my days of producing fluffy theatre are over.  I’m excited to work with people who are not looking to work on Broadway, but people looking to work in Austin, Englewood and Lawndale. To produce art that directly changes lives in these and other communities. What I’ve learned: Take time to learn someone’s story. Almost everybody is doing their best with what they have.

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