It can be easy to forget all the factors that go into being successful at work. When we discuss job skills we often consider time management, communication, and technological skills. However…

  • What happens when you can’t take public transit to work for fear of who will be on the same train?
  • What do you do when your family member tells you that they cannot watch your child during the workday anymore due to their own schedule?
  • Would you be so skilled at your job if you did not know whether you could afford food for your family or if you didn’t know where you’d sleep at night?
  • What if you couldn’t get enough rest because you also work the overnight shift at your second job?

These are questions with which many Chicago youth are all too familiar. At Storycatchers Theatre, we understand that success is not achieved with just a job offer. Stress and responsibility do not take a break so youth can focus on a professional project. Systemic racism does not pause so that our youth can get to work safely and provide for their families.

What is Case Management?

The Changing Voices ensemble at Deloitte – learning about Business Chemistry and different personality types.


The case management team at Storycatchers works alongside youth to identify the obstacles to professional success and develop action plans to mitigate these issues. Through creative problem-solving and access to community resources, youth are able to work with clinical staff to ensure their needs (like healthcare and appointment management, help accessing daycares and financial assistance for childcare, driving license test preparation, GED prep, securing housing, etc) are met.

In addition to basic needs, youth also work with staff and community partners to develop increased self-awareness and communication skills in order to work on professional teams more effectively. On June 7, youth attended Deloitte Impact Day, in which Deloitte staff facilitated a Business Chemistry workshop allowing participants to identify their own working styles and enhance their ability to work with different personality types.

At Storycatchers Theatre, we embrace our youth not only as employees, but as complex and vibrant people. I often think about the many forms of support I have needed to be successful in my own career. We are all stronger together, and my goal is to provide our youth with the information and resources they need in order to confidently move in the direction of their goals.

– By Mackenzie Vigliotti, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Storycatchers’ Changing Voices Case Manager