This time period is often described as unprecedented, uncertain, the new normal. Many have adapted to the current circumstances – social distancing, wearing masks to grocery shop, and finding a fine balance between keeping up with current events and keeping up with self-care. Optimistically, there has been more connection in creative ways and more reflection about institutions and philosophies that will require an overhaul once we reach a more consistent state of being.



…that those in detention, jail, or prison – especially the youth – have very little opportunity to adjust to this on-going situation.

that it is not necessarily a “new” normal if some things remain exactly the same. The population we serve and advocate for may not have hugged a loved one for months before this crisis and they have not stopped juggling hopes, fears, and reality to the pass the time.


Access to juvenile justice facilities are still halted due to safety concerns. While this remains the case, we are working with facility managers to use telecommunication technology to help detained and incarcerated teens write their stories so that they still have a voice.


A quick click of the mouse keeps mentoring, teaching, and collaborative learning at a steady pace.

In the next few days we will begin sharing stories from “the field” where post-release job programs and compensation go unhindered, case management becomes frequent micro-check ins, and writing workshops receive the same (if not more) support. Need to see it to believe it?

This post wraps with one of our current favorite highlights. Updates will roll out through our social media platforms – so don’t forget to like and subscribe! We all deserve a way to feel seen and heard these days.

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Ms. Cheri, Ms. Dana, Mr. Martin, and Mr. Jacob conclude their recorded session for the Temporary LockDown Ensemble by singing along to a recording of “I’m Going Home,” a song written and performed by the 2019 program youth – the Wings residents. The 2020 ensemble will then use the video to learn the song with the help of facility staff in preparation for a performance after the facility is again open to our staff.