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Standing Ovation for the Final Bow

After 19 successful years, Storycatchers says a fond farewell to the Teens Together Playwriting and Summer Touring Ensemble programs with the company’s decision to focus its programming on court-involved youth. For the program’s final summer, fifteen teens came...

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Changing It Up: Movement, Music, and the Scales of Justice

The Changing Voices Ensemble wrapped up a successful summer of programming, which included touring Chicago with their original musical, STUCK. Over the past three and a half months, CV has performed a total of 46 shows for 1,058 Chicagoans at various sites, including...

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Harrowing Journey Leads to Understanding

The Fabulous Females Ensemble performed its newest original one-act musical during the first week of November. Blackout. Flashback. Another Memory presented the story of Cinnamon and Naomi as they leave an extended incarceration and attempt to resolve the two dilemmas...

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Youth Overcome Betrayal; ask for Help in …Super Power

Many new youth joined the cast of the 2015 Teens Together Summer Touring Ensemble last June. The 15-member ensemble and two teaching artists performed 29 shows in ten different locations. In order to engage audiences more intimately, Storycatchers staged all...

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Temporary Lockdown Takes a Do-Over

The Temporary Lockdown Ensemble explored their experiences with “Second Chances and Do-Overs” during a 10-week program cycle that culminated in two staged readings for more than 100 people at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center on September 17 and 18. The...

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Changing Voices Engages Audiences On Summer Tour

The Changing Voices Ensemble (CVE) hit the road over the summer with STRUGGLING IN THESE STREETS, an original one-act musical written by CVE members in 2014 and revised by a core group of playwrights before the program resumed in March. Returning CVE members Greg...

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Fabulous Females Ensemble Explores Trust

On May 16, the Fabulous Females Ensemble of the Illinois Youth Center–Warrenville (IYC-W) will present a staged reading of current works-in-progress. The performance will begin at 12:30pm in the Sheila Kalish Memorial Theatre at IYC-W. An informal reception with the...

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Man of the House Features TLD and Guest Artists

The Temporary LockDown Ensemble at Cook County Juvenile Detention Center (CCJDC) will present a preview performance of the original musical Man of the House at 6 PM on Friday, April 17, 2015. Andre has been the “man of the house” for four years since his father was...

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Firewriters Ensemble Scores BIG With Easy Targets

The Firewriters Ensemble at Illinois Youth Center-Chicago (IYC-Chicago) had an outstanding turnout of 85 audience members for their winter musical Easy Targets on Sunday, February 22, 2015. In addition to the twelve IYC-Chicago residents, the Ensemble also included...

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Super Powers Swoop Through Teens Together

Love Is A Super Power tells the story of several teens preparing to perform a musical at the Celebration of Local Heroes Ceremony on Labor Day. While the group brainstorms possible nominees for the 2015 Local Hero Award, two youth, Joey and Deon, dream of saving their...

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