We’re thrilled to welcome alumnus Edmund Buck to our Board of Directors!

When asked why he joined the Board, Edmund responded, “Learning of an opportunity for me to join the Board of Directors of Storycatchers Theatre filled me with great pride and joy. I am an alumnus of the Temporary Lockdown Program. I initially participated in this program at the tender age of 15 while incarcerated at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. Subsequently, I was convicted of a Class X felony and got out a month after my 35th birthday. And I say with great pride that this program was integral in the progression I undertook to change my personal perspective on life, the world, and my place in it.

“By joining the Storycatchers Board of Directors I feel that my unique perspective and understanding of the minds of incarcerated youth add an outlook and depth that the Board lacked. In my position I hope to provide an example to those incarcerated youth that there is light at the end of their dark tunnel of tribulation, and to give voice to their feelings and perspectives.”

As one of our teaching artists, Jacob Clinkscales, said, “The future of Storycatchers begins with its past.”

It’s a privilege to have you on our Board, Edmund.