You can learn something from everyone you meet.

It’s my philosophy on growth. And this belief includes the youth I work with at Storycatchers Theatre.  In the year that I have been Program Manager at Changing Voices these young people have taught me more than just patience (LOL). 

Seeing them work with their fellow ensemble members to write songs and develop choreography to add to their personal narratives – it shows a great sense of creativity and collaboration. There is genuine unity here at Changing Voices.


Cristina White, Program Manager of Changing Voices, introduces the ensemble and their production of “Light in My Darkness” at the Green Line Performing Arts Center.


For many of the young people who join Storycatchers, it’s their first time being exposed to musical theatre; though you probably wouldn’t be able to tell after seeing our recent, packed-house performance at the new Green Line Performing Arts Center. While putting this show together, they participated in both artistic and life skills workshops that are new and unfamiliar to them, helping to develop performance and social skills. Seeing them do this daily has fortified my attitude on the need to try new things in my personal and professional life.

They have also taught me that strength is found in vulnerability. Their willingness to share their life experiences with others gives their voice the power they didn’t know they had.

CV Ensemble Members

Audience Members

Happy People

The Light in your Darkness.

The youths’ performance at the Green Line Performing Arts Center was a great display of artistry and positive influence for members of the audience. As the youth prepared this staged reading, they worked alongside one another offering constructive critiques to create a series of stories that explored how you can find “Light in your Darkness.” Rehearsals were intense, discussions sometimes difficult, yet these youth confronted those challenges and put on a series of stories with powerful messaging. As the first performance for some youth, they gained confidence that will carry them beyond the stage.

It was a very successful night of theatre, growth and celebration.

Cristina White, Program Manager
Changing Voices

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