On May 10, 2016, Storycatchers’ Changing Voices Ensemble hosted officers from the Chicago Police Department at a performance and lunch as part of the Chicago Community Trust On the Table Initiative. After watching a rehearsal of two scenes from Stuck, the Ensemble’s current show, officers from the 12th and 20th Districts and a 911 operator from Oak Park joined the ensemble for a home-cooked lunch and conversation at Changing Voices’ home base at 100 N Western Ave.

The conversation was lively, candid and respectful. One of the officers asked ensemble member Kewanis Tynes why the Changing Voices program is so important. Tynes replied, “This isn’t just a job; it is education, life skills and a family.”

Storycatchers hopes this event will begin a series of interactions with our youth and the Chicago Police Department. The goal is to facilitate respectful dialogue as a means of developing alternative ways of community-police interaction. The company has already scheduled a presentation at the 12th District Department Advisory Council.

Storycatchers has a long history of successful collaboration with diverse organizations within the government, educational and advocacy sectors. If you would like to help with this effort, or schedule a show in your community, please contact Storycatchers at 312-280-4772.