Dear Friend,

Princess didn’t think that earning her high school diploma would matter much. She was eight years old the first time her father took her along for a drug deal. The only future she could see was to follow his footsteps. The life she imagined living wasn’t likely to be long.

She knew the high cost of violence. When she was 15, her beloved older brother was gunned down in front of her and died in her arms. She was sure she knew who killed him. She thought she had a duty to exact revenge.

Instead, Princess encountered Storycatchers Theatre. Guided by our staff, she recently wrote a passionate piece about her devastating loss and the urge for revenge that will become part of Storycatchers’ new musical.

That’s what Storycatchers does. With investment from friends like you, we work with young people like Princess to transform their stories of grief and rage into performances that can enlighten and inspire.

When Princess graduated from high school on June 14 she could see a different future. A job with our post-release program is waiting for her. She is already planning how to make use of the resources that we offer through this program. She’s looking beyond her past. Trying to make better choices. Trying to live a better life.

When you invest in Storycatchers, you invest in Princess and her potential. She no longer imagines herself running drugs. Now she works with our dedicated teaching artists and counseling staff to decide whether to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon or a therapist. She is exploring what degrees she needs to open as many pathways for herself as possible. She tells us that Storycatchers has empowered her to want to help herself and help others.


Chicago is filled with young people as promising as Princess who need Storycatchers.




Thank you,

Priya Shah, Executive Director
Meade Palidofsky, Founding Artistic Director