List of Supporters

We are grateful for these generous gifts that make our work possible.

This listing recognizes contributions made between 9/1/20 – 8/31/21.


Click here to see a list of supporters who have made contributions in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.  * Denotes a Storycatchers Board Member.

If an entry is incorrect, please email Rachel.

Institutional Supporters

$100,000 +
Anonymous (1)
Caerus Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Reva and David Logan Foundation

$50,000 – $99,000
Albert Pick, Jr. Fund
Allstate Insurance Company
Chicago Community Foundation
Crown Family Philanthropies
Illinois Arts Council
Innovation 80
MacArthur Fund for Culture, Equity, and the Arts at Prince
Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999
National Endowment for the Arts
Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development
Illinois Arts Council
Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
Walter E. Heller Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999
Alphawood Foundation
Anonymous (1)
Antares Capital LP
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
Chicago Office of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
Cook County Juvenile Detention Center Foundation
Leo S Guthman Fund
Luther I. Replogle Foundation
Robert and Isabelle Bass Foundation, Inc
Walter E. Heller Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust

$1,000 to $4,999
Benevolence Committee of Christ Church
DuPage Community Foundation
Goldman, Sachs & Co. LLC
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
The Philanthropy Lab (at the direction of Ms. Campbell Kegerreis)
William M. Weiss Foundation

$500 to $999
Theatre L`Acadie

$250 to $449
Judy Family Foundation

$100 to $249
Alliance Bernstein
American Writers Museum
Bright Funds

$1 to $99
Crow Island School
IBM Employee Services Center

Individual Supporters

$100,000 +
Lael Johnson*

$25,000 – $99,999
Iris Witkowsky*

$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous (1)
Leslie Buchbinder
W. Keren Vishny

$5,000 – $9,999
Jason and Andi Ingram
Yvonne Lange* and Ted Steck
Jan Petry
Walter Stearns and Eugene Dizon
Stephanie Sweitzer

$1,000 – $4,999
Anonymous (2)
Stan Barrish* and Claire Odland
Marty Behn* and Diane Paserba
Ron and Barbara* Blumenthal
Eric Celauro*
Church Women United in Illinois
David and Constance Davidson
Dan and Elsa Distelhorst
Zachary and Stephanie Duloc
Kendra J. Freeman*
Carla Goldstein
Victor Katz and Melissa Crow
Melissa Kronthal and Aaron Salsbury
Neal and Kathleen Kulick
Richard and Patricia Lewis
Andrew Markey
Janet Myers*

Individual Supporters (cont.)

$1,000 – $4,999 (cont.)
William and Penny Obenshain
Rhoda Reeling*
Paul Rich
Carol S. Sadow
Tamara Schiller and Charles Hoffman
Pamela Sheffield
David Sowinski*
Robert and Mary Sowinski
Cathy Williams*
Anne Witkowsky and John Barker
Patricia Zeglen

$500 – $999
David Berger
Norman and Virginia Bobins
Rebecca Campoverde
Robbin Carroll
Mary Kay Conley
Natalie Crampton
Julie Danis
Clifton L. and Judith Wallis Fenton
Matthew and Molly Galo
Stephen and Deidra Gold
Cara Beth Heath
Linda Kenny
Robert Lehman and Curtis Cassel
Gerald E. Lewis*
Jay and Robin Lewis
Bruce McInnes and Christiana Dittmann
Mary A. Mills
Jossy Nebenzahl
Jim Pellegrino and Susan Goldman
Joy Rasin
Regina Rogers
Carol S. Sadow
Thomas and Victoria Samuels
Merrill Smith
Lisbeth Stiffel
Michael and Jane Strauss
Kathryn Witkowsky

$250 – $499
​Michael Ahern and Karen Coppa
Paul and Mary Anderson
Anonymous (1)
Anonymous via Facebook
Steve Baron
Ed Barrish and Sharon Schneider
Ronald and Queta Bauer
Bruce and Susan Berger
Greg Block and Karen Hoffman
James Block and Ruth Fuerst
Andrew Bosco
Ken and Margie Broun
David Cohen
Michael and Mary Combs
Maria Dimond
Fred J Fechheimer and Roberta Patt
First Congregational Church
Cathy Friedman
Nancy Gidwitz
Dale and Mary Ann Guenther
Ron and Carol Hecht
Katie Hill
Rena Honorow
Dawn Irwin
Carol Johnson
Alvina Kiley
Fred and Leslie Knight
Allan and Melissa Malmed
Chris and Linda Marder
David Milligan
Andrew Morton
Emily Moss
Mary Ellen Munley
Melinda Tippet Munson
Jane Nollman
Mary A. Olson and Mary L. Mittler
Leonard and Eileen Palevsky
Robert and Caryle Perlman
John and Myrna Petlicki
Paulette Petretti
Allison Powers
Linda Randall
Kristen Rinaker
Steve Robinson
Jon Samuels
Pia Sawhney
Alice Schreyer
Roche Schulfer and Mary Beth Fisher
Barry and Andrea Sidorow
Gabrielle Sigel and Howard Epstein
Barry and Barb Spevack
Houston and Diana A. Stokes
Jonathan Stutz and Jean Clarkson
Michael and Dorothea Tobin
Mary Ann Tuft
Steve and Helene Walsey
Daniel and Julia Wheeler
PM Woan Family
Karen Zupko

Individual Supporters (cont.)

$100 – $249
Anonymous (1)
Mim Ari
Stephen and Sherry Barrish
Eloise Barron
Erin Behn
Michael Bennish
Nancy Bentley
Henry and Joan Bliss
Richard Block and Marcia Horan
Jerome Braun
Michael Braun
Cynthia Bridges
Ann Brody
Carol Brook and Thomas Corfman
Julia Brown
Carol Brusslan
Allan and Gina Carter
Caryn Chaden
Virginia Chang
Mark Chapman
Darlene Chappell
Patricia Cleveland
Elise Cohen
Sophie Cohen
Natalie Cone
Judy Cottle
Susann Craig
Emily Daigle
Tory Davidson
Sally Dempsey
Mary Derian
David and Susan Diamond
Lynn Donaldson and Cameron Avery
Joe and Margaret Flanagan
Marjorie Freed
Freda Friedman
Anne Frost
Alexandra Gayowski
Andrew and Amy Gelman
Mark Gewirtz
Sharon Gilmore
Margaret Glaser
Lee Glazer
Helene Gordon
Dawn Goulet
Susan Gourley
William and Joan Graburn
Daniel and Katie Guenther
Mary E. Hafertepe
Lee Hamilton
Gary and Carol Hart
Brian Heiser
Jordan Henry
Jill Heppenheimer
John Hirsch
Kevin and Jan Holland
Cliff and Sharon Hollander
John and Molly Hope
Christopher Howland
Stuart and Marcia Hruska
Mary Hungerford
Steven Isaacson
James Jensen
Patrick Johnson and Jennifer Payne
Scott and Susan Johnson
Peter Katz
Debra Kerr
Neil and Diana Hunt King
Carl Kutsmode
Andree Laganiere
Miriam Lazar
Donald and Gloria LeBoyer
Max D Leifer
John Leonard
Ken and Jean Lesser
Marliss Levin and Gilbert Levy
Sally Levine
Richard and Sharon Linden
Alma Lizcano
Hesh and Marcia Lyons
Nancy McDaniel
Ellen McKnight and Jeff Schumacher
Jim and Mary McShane
Allan and Linda Mellis
Morgan Monte
Mark and Carol Anne Muller
Luigi Mumford
Eric Nelson
Kyle Nelson
Christine Ng
Nancy J Nickel
Phyllis Smith Nickel
Elizabeth Nystedt
Paul and Joyce O’Connor
Michael Bruce and Sally Odland
Katherine Ortega
Chuck and Beth Palid
Susie Peck-Stone
Allison Perkins
Eva Petersen

Individual Supporters (cont.)

$100 – $249 (Con’t)
Jerry Peven
Marina C. Phelps
Merril Prager and John Levine
Meredith Riccio
Kent and Deborah Rinehart
Barbara Rocah
James and Elizabeth Roghair
Mary Kathleen Rundell
Jay Safier
Karen Schneider
Ethan Schondorf
David and Judith Sensibar
Kim Shambrook
Myron and Beverly Shapiro
David Silver
Daniel Sobel and Kira Wigoda
Donald Sprague and Ray Grant
Frank and Andi Steinberg
Katherine M. Stelletello
Nancy Stevenson
Bradley Charles Stolbach and Ellen Griffin
Lucy Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan and Patricia Brew
William and Tuula Tadevich
Ron and Dee Tevonian
Jacqueline Ulrich
Beth Vinkler
Joan Von Leesen
Elaine Waxman
John and Sue Welch
Ahadi J. White
Gregg Wolper
Larry and Susan Fisher Yellen
Bobbi Zabel

$1 – $99
Carole K. Bellows
Nancy Benkof and Paul Pletka
Sarah Breiter
Leslie Chambers
John Christine
Stefanie Clark
Timothy and Rachel Combs
Nancy W. Cook
Alyssa Cox
Leslie Deckard
Jane Dewey and David Guilbert
Howard Ellison
Lilly Eng
Janet Fisher
Yolanda Flowers
Kathleen Foster
Lou Gatti
Michael Gelder and Mary Rita Luecke
Matt and Robin Remer Gluckman
David Harding
Abisola Jegede
Pamela Kaul Gresty
Janice Brand Kaylor
Niya Kelly
Colin Kibler
William Larkin
John Luisi
Noah Malmed
Nancy Metzger
Stephanie Morgan
Soraya Mullon
Cliff and Diane Niersbach
Peter Notier
Jesse Palidofsky
Emily Phipps
Matthew and Sarah Aucutt Pickering
Charlene Posner
McKinley and Barbara Ross
Matthew Roth
Allison Sedey
Ashwin Shah
Josh Shames
Deborah S. Smith
Kia Smith
Haley Sonenthal
Martha Spalding
Sue Susman
Robert and Patricia Sweitzer
Jim and Cara Wilbat
Alan Wolf and Margot Weinberg
Alexandra Wood
Michael Yellen and Audrey Pam
Maureen Young
Jacqueline Zevin


The following donors made contributions in honor or memory of a friend or loved one between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019.

If an entry is incorrect, please email Rachel.

In Honor of Carla Goldstein

Michael Gelder

In Memory of Melvin Williams

Rhoda Reeling

In Honor of Cheri Coons

Stephen Henderson and James LaForce

In Honor of Leica Wilde

Alex Stompoly and the Actors Commons

In Honor of John and Myrna Petlicki

Feiman Ding
Julie Foreman
Lynne V. Hoyer
Everett and Lillian Petlicki
Stephen and Cheri Springer

In Honor of Meade Palidofsky

Merrill Prager

In Memory of Brandon McGhee

LaDonna Lane

In Honor of Baby Magoto

Kristin Herndon

In Honor of Yvonne Lange

Robert and Caryle Perlman

In Honor of LaDonna Lane

Kara Henry

In Honor of Iris Witkowsky

Susan Fisher
Andrew and Amy Gelman
Kathryn Johnson
Anne Kern
Virginia Saft Mond

In Memory of Paul J. Hauben

Roberta Salas

In Memory of Arthur Kohrman

Barbara A. Bankoff
Nancy Chalifour
Jane Dewey
Jessica Doyle
Richard and Joan Mandel
Jennifer Seals
Howard and Roberta Siegel

In Honor of Lael Johnson

Eugenie Johnson

In Honor of Rhoda Reeling

Mary Kay Conley
Freda Friedman

In Honor of Stan Barrish

John and Molly Hope
Stuart and Marcia Hruska
Stan and Anne Trecker

In Honor of Stephanie Duloc

Melissa Kronthal

In Honor of the Chris and Linda Marder Family

Chris and Linda Marder

In Honor Of Susan Goldman

Ron and Barbara Blumenthal

In Honor of the Honorable Daniel J. Gallagher

Don Sprague and Ray Grant

In Memory of Max Gassman

Joni Block
Debbie Block Temin
Richard Block and Marcia Horan
Megan Cawley and Terry Straker

In Honor of Tamara Drew

Elisabeth Payne

In Honor of Cydney Cleveland

Bette Cerf-Hill

In Memory of George Floyd

Karen Hoffman

In Honor of Ron and Barbara Blumenthal

Harvey and Cathy Friedman

In Memory of Daniel Markey

Andrew Markey and his colleagues at Barings LLC