It’s two evenings filled with songs and uplifting storytelling from staff, youth, and civic influencers.
It’s going to be authentic, inspiring, and down-right beautiful.



An annual event that took place on Saturday, May 4th

A musical celebration.  A gathering of friends.  A delicious brunch.
The true stories of Storycatchers’ youth and their right to thrive.
A shout-out to guest of honor, Storycatching awardee Ira Glass of This American Life. 

And a chance to raise your paddle to raise up our youth.

Our goal was met. Thank yous all around.

After the drinks were poured, food devoured, music played and fun had, supporters helped us exceed our goal. This event raised over $130,000 to support our programs and the youth we serve. A big thanks goes out to Ira Glass, our board of directors, and everyone who made this event a wonderful success.

Ira Glass, a big Storycatchers Theatre supporter, took take a break from his gig at WBEZ’s THIS AMERICAN LIFE and joined us to accept this year’s Storycatching Award – given to individuals who have substantially advanced the mission and work of Storycatchers Theatre. He was charming, witty and wonderful in his praise for our youth and mission. 

More than 160 fellow supporters, including our entire board of directors, mingled, networked, and shared their passion for Chicago’s youth in the beautiful and historic Casino Club. If you’ve never been, you’d be amazed at this little gem of an event space nestled right under the Hancock Tower’s shadow.

Our Changing Voices ensemble, post-release youth who have been involved with the justice system, performed original music and songs written from their personal stories. By request, they also wrote and performed a catchy new song for Ira Glass, a musical statement of the need for police reform and how our youth are working with police recruits to make that happen.

I’ve talked to so many of the people who have performed in Storycatchers shows, and you know from talking to them that Storycatchers has meant so much to them…a number of the young people who have been in the shows have told me how it really changed their life….Honestly it’s been really inspiring to know the stage that you were at when I first met you [20 years ago] when you were really small and scrappy and now you’re giving employment to 72 young people.

– Ira Glass, recipient of the 2019 Storycatching Award


Missed Out?

Even if you couldn’t make it out to celebrate with us this year, it’s not too late to be a part of the transformative power of musical theatre.  Your support ensures we can keep learning, growing, and creating with Chicago’s justice-involved youth–for next year, and many more years to come.

Why did the performance sound so good?

We’d like to thank Shure for their generous donation of new wireless microphones.